how wildfires have increased home insurance costs

How California Wildfires Have Impacted Home Insurance Rates

California’s wildfire season in 2018 set many records, with thousands of individual fires costing billions in property damage and more billions in firefighting costs. The fires raged so terribly in the north part of the state that a national disaster was declared. Wildfires have long been a part of California’s […]

How motorcycle insurance has changed in 2019

What You Should Know About Motorcycle Insurance in 2019

Motorcyclists across the state of California know how valuable motorcycle insurance can be. Motorcycle insurance is required in most states, but even if it isn’t required, it can still serve as a powerful risk management tool. Whether motorcycles are used for recreation or for daily transportation, these represent a significant […]

America’s Top 10 Roads for Motorcycles – Lonely Planet

1. Pacific Coast Highway – A 1700 mile road trip that spans a large portion of the west coast and delivers an amazing view of beaches along the way. 2. Appalachian Mountains – The trail is 770 miles of mountainous beauty. Begin in Virginia and end in North Carolina. 3. […]

5 Motorcycle Rally Tips from All County Insurance

1st tip: Hope for good weather but plan for the worst. Pack a good set of rain gear. If you need it, you’ll be glad you did. And don’t forget sunscreen! 2nd tip: Book your hotel or campsite now! Rooms and spots fill up quickly, make sure you don’t miss […]

Top 10 Motorcycle Safety Tips

Tip #1: Make sure your headlight works and is on day and night. Tip #2: Use reflective strips or decals on your clothing and on your motorcycle. Tip #3: Be aware of the blind spots cars and trucks have. Tip #4: Flash your brake light when you are slowing down […]

Caveman Insurance Bad. All County Insurance Good.

One of our many reviews that we’ve received was by Matt T. and was brought to my attention again through a friend on Yelp. Matt T. explains that he got a great deal through us at All County Insurance and that he got a much better deal than he would […]

Motorcyclist Monday Discussion on Reddit

Reddit is a great place to discuss almost every imaginable subject with people all over the world and the subreddit for Motorcycle is no different. To visit the Motorcycle subreddit please click here: Motorcycles Subreddit Every Monday the subreddit has discussion called “Motorcyclist Monday”. Below are the rules and explains how the […]

This is What Motorcycle Insurance Customers Should Know

If you ride a motorcycle, you know how important appropriate motorcycle insurance can be. Just like with a car, motorcycle insurance protects you, your passengers, and your property. And, just like with car insurance, a motorcycle insurance policy has many components and options. Let’s take a look at the basics […]

A Look at Car Insurance in 2018

Automotive insurance rates are in constant flux in the United States. From year to year, there are many factors that influence how much drivers pay for their car insurance, from new technologies that impact rates to higher numbers of claims and even regional differences in pricing. The types of vehicles […]

Homeowners Policies: Cost, Coverage Options And More

Our homes represent some of, if not the largest, investments we will make in our lifetimes. Homeowners insurance is designed to protect our investments, providing coverages for financial losses arising from certain disasters, property damage, and liability issues. Most people understand that homeowners insurance is an important part of home […]