Insurance Tips: Top Five Mistakes Drivers Make

Tailgating Leave a three-second cushion between you and the vehicle in front of you. Leave even more time when road conditions are bad or when you’re travelling at higher speeds. Stopping Instead of Yielding Accidents can happen when drivers stop at a yield sign. “Yield” simply means to slow down […]

Auto Insurance Tips: Five Tips to Prevent Auto Accidents

Risky driving behavior causes accidents. Be safe and avoid accidents by following these safe-driving tips: Watch Your Speed: It’s easy to go too fast—especially when you are in a hurry. Remind yourself to slow down and keep it safe. Mirror, Mirror: Properly adjust all mirrors before starting your trip. It is also […]

Boat Insurance Tips: Cold Weather on the Water

As fall sets in across the country, some boaters want to take advantage of the cooler days on the water. The key is being prepared. Tip 1: Top off your fuel before heading out on the water on a colder day, and be sure you have plenty of extra dry […]

RV Insurance Tips: Cold Weather (Ice Road) RVing

As fall sets in across the country, some RVers want to take advantage of the cooler days on the road but just like the Ice Road Truckers the key to doing Cold Weather RVing is being prepared. Tip 1: Keep your RV propane tank filled. It will minimize condensation and […]

Auto Insurance Info: Four Facts about Speeding

Exceeding posted speed limits accounts for nearly one-third of all fatal car crashes. Next time you are rushing to get somewhere and find yourself speeding, consider the following facts from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA): Don’t Let Low Traffic Fool You: Speeding-related fatalities are twice as likely to happen […]

Auto Insurance Tips: Five Steps to Take After An Accident

If you’re ever in an accident, it’s easy to forget what to do right away. Follow these five steps to ensure the safety of you, your passengers and everyone else involved: Call the Police. Even for small accidents, call 911. Police will help redirect traffic and document the incident. Avoid Additional […]

Homeowners Insurance Tips: Protecting Your Family from Fire

Fires can strike anywhere – in structures, buildings, automobiles, and the outdoors – but fires that affect our homes are often the most tragic and the most preventable. Over 75% percent of all fire fatalities occur in home fires. This year’s National Fire Prevention Week theme is “Protect Your Family from Fire.” You can protect […]

Insurance Road Trip Info: Fall RVing

The fading summer heat means fall will be setting in across the country, and what better way to enjoy it than an RV road trip? One advantage of fall is campgrounds are generally less crowded, but there are also plenty of other ways for RVers to enjoy the season In […]

Flood Insurance Tips: Fall Flood Prevention

Watch for a list of a few simple things you can do this fall to safeguard your home against flooding. Tip 1: Make sure that any water pipes going into your house are properly insulated to prevent freezing and breakage. Tip 2: Clean leaves, dirt or any other debris out […]

Auto Insurance Tips: Safe Commuting

Tip 1: Breakfast on the go? Just say no! Eat before you get in the car or wait until you get to the office so you can focus on the road. Tip 2: Back to basics! Driver inattention contributes to over 50% of all car crashes. Pay attention to traffic […]