Apartment Building Insurance

An apartment building owner is liable for almost everything that happens on his or her property. If a tenant or guest sustains bodily injury on your property, the apartment building owner is liable. If there are structural damages to the building that keep it from meeting building codes, the apartment building owner is liable.

As an apartment building owner you are liable for theft, maintenance, fire, and anything else that can or might occur in your apartment building. Apartment building owner insurance also covers medical expenses for injured tenants and guests. It can also cover crime, such as theft of property or employee fraud. This type of insurance should also pay for repairs and maintenance, including upkeep for structural, mechanical, and electrical elements of the building. If the services of a professional, such as a plumber or electrician, are required for the upkeep of the building, their (often extensive) fees can be covered as well. If one or more units are rendered uninhabitable for a period of time due to necessary repairs, renovations, construction, and so on, insurance can cover loss of income.

All County Insurance Services, Inc. features business property insurance for all types of structures and facilities, including apartment buildings. Landlords and property owners have many options when it comes to the management of their property or properties, from sorting everything on their own to employing the services of a property management company. All County Insurance Services, Inc. understands the worries and needs of a property owner and will provide comprehensive, affordable building owner’s coverage. For more information on building owner insurance contact All County Insurance Services, Inc. today.


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